The best photos of 2017

This year’s « UNICEF Photo of the Year Award» is dedicated to 5-year old Zahra from Syria. The photo of the little girl, taken by Muhammed Muheisen, has won the first price, as it reflects in the most vivid way the tragic living conditions of the children refugees.

Syria: The face of a hunted childhood

The 5-year old girl left Syria in 2015 with her parents and seven brothers and sisters, in the quest for a better life. Ever since, they have been living in a refugee camp in Jordan under extremely difficult conditions.

Muhammed Muheisen is a certified Pulitzer-winner photojournalist who has been depicting the refugee crisis all over the world for more than a decade; he cooperates with National Geographic and has created the Everyday Refugees Foundation. The humanitary tragedies in the Middle East, Pakistan and Afghanistan are something he is well familiar with. In the eyes of Zahra he saw the look of hundreds of thousands boys and girls: the quiet sadness and desperation of the most innocent victims of war and exile.

The second and third award were given respectively to the photographers K. M. Asad from Bangladesh and Kevin Frayer from Canada, who both captured the crisis of the Muslim minority Rohingya from Myanmar. The first photo shows a mother walking in the sea with her child in her arms, and the second one shows a young boy in a refugee camp, clung to the trailer of a truck carrying food and asking for help with tears in his eyes.