International Conference “Responsible tourism and sustainable management of tourism destinations”


An event aimed at enhancing competencies for the sustainable development of tourit destinations, through an exchange of methodologies and best practices

On 19th July in Kalamata, Greece, was took organised the International Conference of the Well-O-Live project, focusing on a matter of great interest: “Responsible tourism and sustainable management of tourism destinations” and with the participation of renown contributors and experts in the tourism sector.

The event has honoured with the presence of Ms. Ntina NIKOLAKOU – Periphery of Peloponnese, executives of the Development & Tourism department of the Periphery of Peloponnese, professionals in the tourism sector and other local stakeholders, who actively contributed in the works with their presentations.

The Conference Programme was developped along 2 Axes – Intervention Cycles and open debate among the participants.

The First Cycle  – «Innovative initiatives for the promotion of responsible tourism», which addressed local stakeholders active in the tourism sector and general public, included presentations by the Well-O-Live project partners and thematic workshops on the experiences, best practices and trends in tourism. Specifically:

  • « Oleoturism in Catalonia » (Silvia CASSA & Veronica ENRIQUEZ, Directorate General of Tourism, Government of Catalonia – Spain)
  • «Destination making and marketing: linking tourism development and local communities»,
  • (Emma TAVERI, Destination Makers – Italy)
  • «Well-O-live Methodological Handbook» (Anja TUOHINO, Centre of Tourism Studies, Univ. of Eastern Finland)
  • «Experiences of rural tourism in Dubrovnik Neretva Region» (Gorana MARGARETIĆ, Regional Development Agency of the Dubrovnik Neretva County DUNEA – Croatia)
  • «The process and methodologies for the development of experiential touristic packages: a new approach of wellness tourism» (Anselmo CAPOROSSI, New Travel Agency – Bulgaria)
  • «European Tourism Careers: Improvement of employability and apprenticeship in tourism sector» (Tiziana CARLINO, Italian Chamber of Commerce in Lyon – France & Alessandro CARBONE, AKEP – Greece /representative of IdEATE project)

The second Cycle was entitled « Experiences, Initiatives, Proposals and Opportunities for the development of responsible & sustainable tourism across the olive tree landscapes» included interventions and presentations by Greek experts on the following subjects:

  • «Education for the development of sustainable tourism: Tourism School of Kalamata» (Kostas ANDRIANOPOULOS – Association of Health-Regulated Establishment Owners of Kalamata & Andrea ZAGAKOS – Association of Hotel Employees of Messinia)
  •  «Best practices in the development of accessible tourism» (Giorgos LAZARIDIS – Sport Association for People with disabilities Diaforozo)
  • «Cultural routes as a tool for the support of primary sector; new opportunities and challenges» (Margherita BOVICELLI – Travel Expert)
  • «Alternative proposals for the sustainability of a tourism destination: the example of Explore Messinia» (Fotis KONTARGIRIS – Explore Messinia)
  • «Best practices in the promotion of Kalamata as a gastronomic destination» (Nikos MALAPETSAs – General Manager of Elite Resort Hotel)
  • «The commitment of the Cultural Itinerary Routes of the Olive Tree to responsible & sustainable tourism» (Giorgos KARAMPATOS – Routes of the Olive Tree & Giorgos PANAGOPOULOS – Environmental Education Center of Kalamata).