Educational Tours « Blogger Experience » (Blogger.X) in Messinia


In the framework of the transnational European project WellOLive, the Cultural Foundation «Routes of the Olive Tree» has organised a series of educational tours under the name « Blogger Experience », in order to promote the Messinia of the olive tree.

The objectives of these educational tours are: to transform the tourist packages created within the project, by means of an authentic and unique storytelling procedure around the olive tree destinations like Messinia; to create added touristic value; to promote new experiences and activities in the specific destination, making it unique in the eyes of the public.

Above all, Blogger Experience tours aim at valorising the identity and cultural heritage of the olive tree and olive oil and improving accessibility for general public, beyond the limits of the landscape.

The tours also aim at raising visibility and branding the identity of olive tree and olive oil as well as the destinations of the Messinian countryside, as a region involved in the Well-O-Live project.

The visit group is composed by 3 persons: a travel blogger, a filmmaker and a local expert. Blogger Experience in Messinia will last for 3 days and will include visits to archaeological sites, olive oil mills, farms and other sites of interest. The visit will be promoted through live storytelling/report on social media, the visitors’ blogs, the blog of the European Institute of Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe and tourism-related networks.