Volunteering work out of Europe

Are you searching for volunteering opportunities out of Europe?

Here is your chance!

EU Aid Volunteers Initiative gives the opportunity to a significant number of volunteers around Europe to offer their support in a humanitarian aid context. The main idea of the program is to strengthen the capacities of the local communities of the developing world, so as to increase their capacity of resilience and response.


Why volunteer?

As an EU Aid volunteer, apart from gaining important professional expertise, you will be contributing in making people’s lives more effective while daily co-operating with them in solidarity. Additionally, you will get the chance to participate in trainings which will help you appreciate both your capacities and fields for improvement.

Will your contribution be significant?

When being on the field as an EU Aid Volunteer, you will support the resilience system of the hosting organizations in order for them to be ready to react in the case of an emergency situation. At the same time, the hosting organizations will improve their volunteer management standards and expand their fields of knowledge. Your contribution matters!

Do you feel like participating in a life time experience?

ActionAid Hellas is officially certified as a sending organization in the terms of EU Aid Volunteers Initiative program since November 2016. If you speak both English and French or Spanish and you feel ready to change your life by taking part in one of our next missions, follow the link in order to learn more about the initiative.