Olea Green-Food Meknes project distinguished at COP22

In the framework of COP22, the 22th Conference of United Nations on climate change (Marrakesh, November 2016), Dr Noureddine OUAZZANI (Agropole Olivier ENA Meknes and Foundation  « Olivier Promo Meknes »)  presented «Olea Green-Food Meknes», an innovative ecological project which was awarded an important distinction.


COP22 was an important occasion to highlight pioneer initiatives and innovative solutions supporting the fight against climate imbalance led by international institutions and civil society actors. In this regard, Agro-pole Olivier ENA Meknes and the Foundation  «Olivier Promo Meknes», both long-standing partners of the Foundation « Olive Tree Routes », have brought together political and institutional personalities, representatives and olive oil experts from Morocco and other countries, on the occasion of a conference organised during COP22 on the theme « Olive Tree and olive oil: what are the perspectives in view of climate change, renewable sources of energy and circular economy?».

The conference gave participants the opportunity to debate, discover and exchange on innovative solutions concerning circular economy, particularly in the olive oil sector.

The conference was opened by Mister Mohand Laenser, President of the Fes-Meknes Region and President of the Foundation « Olivier Promo Meknes » who analysed the regional strategy on energy transition.

During the conference was presented the project Olea Green-Food Meknes, which proposes an ecological solution under a virtuous model of circular economy. Initiator of this innovative project proposing an eco-friendlier method of olive trituration, collection and valorisation of olive by-products (olive biomass) as well as generation of energy (electricity) is Dr Noureddine Ouazzani, director of Agro-pole Olivier, renowned in all olive growing countries for his researches and the quality of his work.