COP22, the 22th Conference of United Nations on climate change took place 7 – 18 November 2016 in Marrakesh


Representatives of 196 countries, industries and associations came together from 7-18 November in Marrakesh to exchange on climate and global warming. After a succession of hopes (Kyoto, 1997), failures (Copenhague, 2009), difficulties (Warsaw, 2013) and a real success at the COP 21 of Paris in 2015, this conference started from a more solid ground …

Even though nothing spectacular or any brutal advance is expected, the nations, after the Paris agreement approved and put in effect on November 4, are now called to assume their responsibilities and pass to action in order to reduce CO2 emissions and try to limit global warming by 1,5°C compared to preindustrial age. Even though this objective seems impossible to achieve, the nations now appear determined enough to engage in productive discussions.