Well-O-Live, a new project for the Routes of the Olive Tree

logo_wolThe Cultural Foundation « Routes of the Olive Tree » participates in the partnership of the transnational project « WellOLive », aiming at the development and diffusion of an innovative framework for planning, managing and promoting thematic tourism products

Title: Well-O-Live

Programme: COSME

Theme: Transnational thematic rural tourism

Duration: 15 months (May 2016 – August 2017)

Partnership: 8 partners from 7 countries: Municipality of Brindisi (Italy), University of Eastern Finland-Centre for Tourism Studies (Finland), Destination Makers (Italy), Italian Chamber of Commerce of Lyon (France), Regional Development Agency “Dunea” (Croatia), Directorate General of Tourism of Catalonia (Spain), Cultural Foundation “Routes of the Olive Tree” (Greece), “New Travels” Agency Ltd. (Bulgaria)


  • Design a European olive-based tourism product of wellness and cultural activities (cycling and walking tours, wine and food tasting etc.).
  • Create synergies between different kinds of tourism (rural, wine and food, wellness and wellbeing, cultural, eco-friendly).
  • Implement marketing strategies promoting material and immaterial assets of rural destinations
  • Build capacities of local tourism professionals through experiential laboratories on sustainability, marketing, communication, design and management of thematic products of rural tourism
  • Consolidate a quality services network offering multidimensional pre, on-site and post tourism experiences (sensorial, affective, cognitive, behavioural and social).
  • Create a methodological handbook of sustainable project and product development, based on mutual capacity-building and partnership among public and private sectors, local communities, knowledge producers and other relevant stakeholders.
  • Convey positive social messages, developing the tourism product around the olive oil and tree, traditionally symbol of peace, prosperity and wisdom.