The refugee drama and us

Lately, has been unfolding before our eyes the largest refugee crisis after World War II. More than 4,6 million Syrians and 1 million of people from other countries (Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya) have been obliged to leave their devastated countries, in the hope of a more human future. Most of these hunted-down people are in neighboring countries, however a wave of refugees has turned to Europe and the West, regions which push them back, despite the fact that they have contributed to the destabilization of the origin countries in the Mediterranean region …

The Greeks, ourselves hurt on different occasions, should try to help these people in any way we can, stay up-to-date and keep an open mind.

The Cultural Foundation “Routes of the Olive Tree» follows the events in the Mediterranean and the tragedy of the refugees with great sorrow. We are presenting you the report of the Amnesty International on Syria, wishing to make known the truth on the drama of the people who have always welcomed the Greeks and opens the door to foreigners.

Amnesty International SYRIA 2015/2016 Annual Report