General Assembly of ReCOMed – Mediterranean Olive Oil Cities Network in Milan

Participation of the «Routes of the Olive Tree» in the Annual General Assembly of ReCOMed – Mediterranean Olive Oil Cities Network in Milan

The General Assembly of ReCOMed – Mediterranean Olive Oil cities Network was successfully completed on September 17, 2015 in Milan, Italy. The General Assembly was organized in the framework of the Mediterranean Diet Week within the international exhibition Expo Milano 2015, held under the theme “Feeding the planet, energy for life”,.

The works of the General Assembly were attended by representatives of the network’s partner institutions from almost all the Mediterranean olive producing countries. The Cultural Foundation “Routes of the Olive Tree”, founding member of the network, was represented by Mrs. Margherita Bovicelli, member of its Scientific Committee.

The General Assembly deliberated on various issues regarding the network’s next steps, adherence of new members and next actions on local and Mediterranean level. Special focus was given to the extension and consolidation of the national ReCOMed sub-networks, aiming to provide the best possible support to the network’s activities within each country member.

On September 18, the ReCOMed representatives visited the International Exhibition EXPO Milan 2015 and actively participated in the works of the 5th International Mediterranean Diet Forum. The Forum was rich in interventions and presentations by prestigious speakers about various nutritional, anthropological and social aspects of the Mediterranean Diet, deeply rooted in the culture of the territories and part of their lifestyle, as well as the possibility to develop sustainable business activity around the Mediterranean diet.

The ReCOMed network is active across the Mediterranean with the aim of preserving and promoting the cultural heritage of the Mediterranean, focusing on its gastronomic civilisation, the Mediterranean diet and local products.