«Mediterranean Olive Tree Days» in Morocco

During the last two months, the Cultural Foundation «Routes of the Olive Tree» has been extremely active with a strong presence at an international level, starting with its participation in the “Mediterranean Olive Tree Days” in Morocco.

The Executive Director of the Foundation Mr. George Karampatos and his collaborators participated in the event «Mediterranean Olive Tree Days» organized from 21 to 24 October in Meknes, Morocco.

This annual established event is an important opportunity for all olive oil producing regions around the Mediterranean to gather around the same table. During the sessions, the Foundation presented the Cultural Itineraries « Routes of the Olive Tree» and their proposals for year 2015 to stakeholders from all the Mediterranean countries. 30 speakers of international status intervened at the conference organized by the National Agronomic University Agropole Olivier (Morocco), the International Olive Oil Council and the University of Andalusia (Spain).