MEDDIET: Study visit in Messinia

From June 16 to 20, project partners from Lebanon, Egypt and Tunisia realized a study visit in Messinia, in the frames of the activity “Institutional Capacity Building”.
MedDiet – Mediterranean Diet and Enhancement of traditional products

The aim of this study visit was to share information and knowledge on the best practices and policies in Europe regarding the Mediterranean Diet, with view to improve the existing legal framework and promote a common Mediterranean legal framework for the protection and safeguard of the traditional Mediterranean products.In the study visit participated representatives and executives from national organizations and decision making actors from 3 Mediterranean countries, concretely: Tunisia – Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Trade, Producers Association, Agronomic Research and Highest Education Institute, Olive Tree Institute / Lebanon – Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Economy & Trade, Health Ministry, Institute of Agronomic Research, Chamber of Commerce Industry & Agriculture of Tripoli and Southern Lebanon, Chamber of Commerce Industry & Agriculture of Beirut & Mount Lebanon / Egypt – Ministry of Agriculture, Health Ministry, Arab Academy of Science Technology & Maritime Transport, Egyptian Tourism Federation, Nutrition Institute, Confederation of Egyptian European Business Associations.During their visit, the foreign experts took part in different events and scientific activities, including: conference in the Technological Educational Institute of Peloponnese, olive oil tasting at the Olive Oil Tasting Panel, visits to enterprises of traditional products transformation, agro food production and standardization units, visit to the local market of Kalamata and agricultural businesses in the municipalities of Oichalia, Trifylia etc.