Annual Meeting of ReCOMed in Messinia

The annual meeting of ReCOMed – Mediterranean Olive Oil Cities Network was successfully realized in Messinia, with the participation of 12 countries.

The works were attended by members of the network from Italy, Turkey, Lebanon, Israel, Tunisia, Albania, Portugal, Morocco, Croatia, Slovenia and Montenegro.

Greece is represented in the RECOMED network by the Cultural Foundation “Routes of the Olive Tree” and the Messinian Chamber, founding member.

The agenda of the 1st day included, among others, workshops and presentations on issues of common interest, such the participation in important international events like the “Expo 2015” in Milan and the “Mediterranean Diet Forum 2014” in Imperia.

On the 2nd day, the meeting was held in Koroni at “Maniatakeion Foundation”, a very active organization for inscription of the Mediterranean Diet on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List of Humanity and the recognition of Koroni as an emblematic community of the Mediterranean Diet. The Cultural Foundation “Routes of the Olive Tree”, which has participated in previous meetings of the Network, was in charge of organizing this year meeting and made sure that this important event was equal to previous sessions held in Italy, Spain, Turkey, Morocco etc.