The project ‘MedDiet : Mediterranean Diet’

This project has a double objective: raise awareness on nutrition and promote the local agricultural products and traditional gastronomy.

2013-05-27As an outcome, all sectors of local economy and Small & Medium Enterprises will benefit from a series of actions focusing on Messinia and its products, which will address the large public, nutrition and tourism operators and public decision makers.

The project is financed by the European Commission through theENPI CBCMED program . Over 3 years, it will implicate over 15.000 consumers and 5.000 schoolchildren in 6 Mediterranean countries/regions. Greece is represented by the region of Messinia through the Cultural Foundation “Routes of the Olive Tree” and the Messinian Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

In the framework of the project the following actions have been scheduled:

  • A mass promotional campaign in all the Mediterranean countries.
  • The principles of the Mediterranean Diet will be presented at eight international events with leaflets, brochures and other promotional tools.
  • A bimonthly newsletter will update on the progress of the action and a multilingual website connected to the biggest social networks will inform the consumers.
  • A Public Knowledge System and a digital library with studies on the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet, a list of traditional products and good practices.
  • Seminars at 120 schools in the partner countries; 1.200 teachers and 5.000 primary and secondary school children will participate in 120 pilot actions (tasting laboratories, visits to farms and factories, school vegetable gardens, contests of idea, promotion of Mediterranean products at school canteens etc.)
  • An educational initiative on nutrition will involve 15.000 consumers in 45 pilot actions (cooking courses, MedDiet ideas contest, tasting laboratories)
  • Experimentation for the creation of the « MedDiet quality label». This tool will enable the Chambers and the commercial unions in the partner countries to encourage SMEs and restaurants to offer true Mediterranean dishes.The restaurants willing to promote and valorize the genuine Mediterranean diet will become more extrovert and 300 among them will participate in pilot actions for training, services and promotion of the «MedDiet quality label».
  • 90 public officers from Egypt, Lebanon and Tunisia will visit Greece, Italy and Spain, in order to study the best EU practices, policies, measures and initiatives for the protection of local foodstuff and wines.
  • A Euromediterranean Agreement for the promotion and protection of the Mediterranean Diet will integrate the public knowledge system with the digital library, the legal framework analysis and the promotion initiatives.

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