Project “TOPEKO”

The Project «Local Collective Action for the Employment and Social Integration of Vulnerable Groups in the Regional Unit of Messinia» is financed by the European Social Fund (ESF) in the framework of Action 3 «Local actions for social integration of vulnerable groups» / Intervention 1 «Prevention and elimination of social exclusion of vulnerable population groups» / Thematic Priority Axe «Full integration of manpower in an equal opportunity society » / Operational Programme «Development of Man power 2007-2013».
The objective of the Project is the professional integration of 100 people from vulnerable social groups through multiple support (consultancy, training, contact with businesses etc.)

The expected outcomes of the Project are:

  • 60 beneficiaries hired by businesses active in the construction, retail and services sectors.
  • 20 beneficiaries assisted to create businesses in the retail trade and food sector.
  • 20 beneficiaries assisted to create two (2) social cooperative associations


  • Direct contact of the beneficiaries with businesses.
  • Vocational Training of beneficiaries, depending on their individual needs:
    1. Quality services in tourism – alternative tourism
    2. Office automation with PC use
    3. Basic principles on organization, management and running of small & medium enterprise
    4. Modern methods of production, standardization and distribution of agro-food products, emphasizing on organic agriculture
    5. Development of social entrepreneurship
  • Consultancy to the beneficiaries in order to support them in their professional integration
  • Drawing up business plans for the creation of new business and consultancy.