The Project of promotion of olive products among pupils has been completed successfully. The action was implemented by the Cultural Foundation «The Routes of the Olive Tree» in cooperation with the International Olive Oil Council and the « Centre of Environmental Education of Kalamata »/ ELIA Network.In the framework of the project, which involved 10 schools from the region of Messinia, were realized:

  • 10 Sensitization & Information Days on the olive tree, its history and its products
  • 10 Tastings of olive and traditional products
  • 40 educational workshops for pupils

The goal and result of the Project was the creation of a new snack by the pupils themselves. The snack was made with traditional products and olive products from the region of Messinia and it will be promoted for sale to school canteens and the Centre of Environmental Education/ Network ELIA.The 600 pupils who took part in the Project had the opportunity to:

  • gain knowledge on the olive tree, its importance and nutritional value of its products
  • taste traditional products from Messinia and select the ingredients for their snack
  • fill out a questionnaire with their preferences and feedback in order to participate in the creation of «SCHOLATSIO», a traditional healthy snack.