International Cultural Heritage Exhibition 2012 in Paris

The «Routes of the Olive Tree» participated for the second time in this important International Exhibition, which every year attracts culture and tourism professionals from all over the world as well as many local visitors.

At the invitation of the European Institute of Cultural Routes and in the framework of the Enlarged Partial Agreement on Cultural Routes between the European Committee and the Council of Europe , the «Routes of the Olive Tree» took part in the event, which this year was dedicated to cultural ecological heritage.

Visitors were impressed with the presentation of the « Routes of the Olive Tree » at the stand of the Council of Europe. This Euromediterranean project was promoted through various information materials and modern communication tools, including brochures, posters, promotion videos and an interactive cabin, where people had the opportunity to discover the itineraries in a realistic way.

The «Routes of the Olive Tree» also stood out by offering olive products, among which Kalamata olives, olive paste and Messinian olive oil made an impression!