2012-05-18An original proposal of tours that combines agricultural production, trade of traditional products, cuisine and the heritage of the olive tree, was presented a few days ago, in Messinia, to a delegation of French tour operators, specialized in cultural tours.

Visits and meetings were held, from 12th to 17th of May 2012, all around the region of Messinia, in order to show the monuments and archaeological sites that are associated with the olive and its products, traditional oil mills and various testimonies of the traditionneal uses of olive oil, etc., selected by members of the Scientific Committee of the Cultural Foundation “The Routes of the Olive.”
Note that “The Little Route of the Olive Tree” is a proposal of the Cultural Foundation “The Routes of the Olive” for cultural and theme tourism of traditionnal oil oil producing regions.

The aim of these visits was to turn one of the emblematic routes of “The Routes of the Olive Tree” in Greece in a program adapted to the touristical offers of tour operators in cultural tourism, and that should be provided to tourists from 2013.