1st Administrative Board for Re.C.O.M.ed

A few days after the Italian delegation of the project visited the headquarters of the Cultural Foundation « The Olive Tree Routes », the 1st Administrative Board of Re.C.O.M.ed met in Meknès, Morocco, at the initiative of the city’s mayor Mr. Ahmed HILAL and the director of Agro-Pôle Olivier , Mr. Noureddine OUAZZANI.
During this meeting the programme and the starting date of activities for 2012 were set, as well as the base for the network’s communication strategy.

Re.C.O .M.ed was created on November 19 2011 in Impéria, on the occasion of the International Forum « Dieta Mediterranea ».

This network is the result of a long term process, involving from the start the Foundation “The Routes of the Olive Tree”.

It proves the shared desire to profit from the Mediterranean dynamics of both cultural and economic life for the promotion of olive tree products and heritage, in consultation with all Mediterranean countries and the implementation of concrete transnational projects aimed at stakeholders of olive growing regions. It is a very important step towards the recognition and marketing of these territories, often facing difficulties, and of their expertise.