On October 6 the last itinerary of the Olive Tree Routes came to an end, having crossed totally 10 countries (Greece-Italy-Germany-Denmark-Sweden-Finland-Estonia-Lithuania-Latvia-Poland-Austria), and having covered 6400 km in the direction of the Scandinavian and Baltic countries.

Once more the Cultural Foundation « The Routes of the Olive Tree » pursued actively and successfully their wish for exchange and dialogue between Europe and the Mediterranean and reached their goal to promote the « civilisation of the olive tree » to as many people as possible. To reinforce dialogue between two seas, two cultures sharing in common their friendship and appreciation to an age-old tree and universal symbol…

During this Eleodromia, several events and spectacles took place under the colours of the olive tree in the Mediterranean. Moreover, in cooperation with the Messinian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Foundation highlighted the flavours and traditional know-how of the famous olive oil producing Messinia region (Peloponnese, Greece),  birth land and crossing point of history and culture, where olive oil is «gold and identity», quoting one of the journalists we met in Helsinki.

The charm of Mediterranean history and gastronomy on the countries of Northern Europe was confirmed at every stop of the itinerary. The Routes of the Olive Tree were welcomed in the warmest way by representatives of local scientific and cultural authorities and the diplomacy of these countries, such as embassies, municipalities, universities, museums etc.

Exchange was achieved with different initiatives of contacts, dissemination, promotion and information and the constant participation of the Medias.

In the presence of the President of the Foundation and the accompanying participants of the itinerary, took place important meetings with the Swedish cities Karlshamm, Vastervik and Uppsala.

The Foundation also presented a grand event in Stockholm, the Swedish capital, on the October 22 and 23: an impressive exhibition/ conference under the title « Routes of the Olive Tree: an itinerary for intercultural dialogue and development of international cooperation » in the sumptuous setting of the Museum of the Mediterranean of Stockholm . This event was organised in cooperation with the Greek Embassy and the Club of Swedish Friends of the Institute of Athens and the Greek Academy in Sweden. Many personalities took the opportunity to congratulate the Routes of the Olive Tree on their « original and exemplary initiative », evoking the patrimony of the olive tree and its role as bridge of dialogue in the Mediterranean and elsewhere.