2010 has been named the Year of the Olive Tree in Sfax, Tunisia. Organised by the Maison de France in Sfax, a number of events have been held so far. Still open for entries, a photography competition about the olive tree.

The “Olive Project of Tunisia 2010” is a project managed by the Maison de France in Sfax, in partnership with various Tunisian ministries as well as several non-trading partner companies. It is based on the concept of “the olive in all its forms”, starting in the region of Sfax. The aim is to increase awareness among Tunisians of all ages of this precious and symbolic possession through a wide range of activities and initiatives with cultural and heritage-related, educational and academic, scientific and agronomic, industrial and commercial themes.

 A number of events have already been organised, aimed for the most part at the young people living in the region: 
– the creation of a mosaic of the olive, exhibited in the hall of the Maison de France
a meeting between young pupils, farmers and the owner of an oil factory
– a visit to an oil factory by Sfaxian school classes
a visit by artisans, working with olive wood with students of the HIACS (the Higher Institute of Arts and Crafts of Sfax)
workshops by French artists for students of the HIACS

Large public events have also been organised to promote the olive tree and the Sfax region.

– the organisation of artistic and interactive exhibitions
– a cycle of multidisciplinary conferences on the olive tree
– an international symposium titled “Olive and Diversity: From Heritage to Transmission”