The Foundation the Routes of the Olive Tree was recently engaged in a mission in Lebanon ; an opportunity to renew important contacts and consider the perspectives of cooperation for the next journey of the Routes in the area.


Lebanon is a friendly country and a long term partner of the Routes of the Olive Tree. Many times has it welcomed generously the travelers of the olive tree, especially during their passage through Beyrouth and Tripoli. Thanks to many scientific and institutional contacts, the Foundation is keeping close relations with the institutions in the Lebanese olive-growing territories and it has always been connected to these olive tree lands, including during the hard moments in this country’s history.

The recent visit of the Routes of the Olive Tree in Lebanon offeredthe opportunity to warm up the contacts and reactivate common projects. Thus, a new cooperation protocol was created with the Beyrouth University. Concerning the creation of local itineraries of the Routes of the Olive Tree, an organised visit of the Soap Museum of the city of Saïda gave way to reflections about new spaces of promotion and cooperation for the Routes of the Olive Tree.

Finally, the organisation of the 12th edition of the Routes of the Olive Tree in 2010, which is planned to stop over in Lebanon, was the focal point of the mission and the programmed meetings.