THE OLIVE TREE by Patrick Langer

The new book of Patrick LANGER, a famous French historian, writer and expert in matters concerning the olive tree and the Mediterranean as well as member of the scientific committee of the Cultural Foundation “The Olive Tree Routes”, has just been published and is now available in French bookstores!


L’OLIVIER by  Patrick LANGER  

Publisher: Edisud, Αιx-en-Provence, France
127 pages, (21 Χ 18 cm.), coloured illustrations

This book is an open invitation to everyone to discover the cultural heritage of the olive tree and everything that it implies! Find out how…

“The olive tree dominates landscapes around the Mediterranean Sea.  Approximately 900 million of olive trees are registered nowadays, without counting the hundreds of thousands olive trees that decorate public and private spaces or those that grow in wild deserted grounds. A historian and a photographer, both inhabitants of Provence, are passionate with this tree that reminds of a traveler in time and space; multiform because of its many varieties and the different agricultural methods used for its cultivation; a generous tree that gives back to people love and care, offering them its valuable products.In the near future, due to the planet’s overheating, the olive tree will expand in other regions, further and further from the Mediterranean coasts, a mobile border engraving a new growing Mediterranean region”

It goes without saying that in this interesting book are mentioned the “Routes of the Olive Tree”, presented by the author as an excellent suggestion of intercultural dialogue that favours local economies in the olive oil producing regions of the Mediterranean (see p. 60-61).