Three photographs of an artist-painter participated in the 10th edition of the Routes of the Olive Tree. A fruitful collaboration, rich in images and colours!

On the occasion of the 2008 itinerary, the “caravan” of the Routes of the Olive Tree had the pleasure to count among its collaborators three professional photographers, Andrea Bonetti, Giorgos Prinos and Tassos Vamvakas and an artist-painter, Heike Kummer.  

Throughout the whole journey, they contributed with their unique personal look to this extraordinary adventure that joined the Routes of the Olive Tree and those of Central Asia as far as Moscow, for nearly two months.

They managed to transcribe, each in their own way, the landscapes we crossed, the cultural diversity of each country, the path we traced and the outstanding journey of the “backpackers of the olive tree”; as well as the enchanting moments and situations, the exchanges and the original meetings… So many anecdotes making each journey an exceptional road experience and a special way to discover a country!  

From the striking portraits of Giorgos Prinos on the colourful and imaginative palette of Heike Kummer,the captivating landscapes of Andrea Bonetti until the “travelling” and sensitive snapshots of Tassos Vamvakas, these artists’ attentive work is the real Travel journal of the Routes of the Olive Tree!

In the following months, the Cultural Foundation “The Routes of the Olive Tree” is planning to promote this artistic work to the general public, with several exhibitions and the issue of an album dedicated to the 10th itinerary.

Artists’ biographies

Heike Kummer


Born in Waiblingen, Germany in 1970.Studied as a Goldsmith in Pforzheim and Hamburg, Germany.In 1998 she applied for an advertised job in a goldsmith workshop on Rhodes, Greece where she worked as goldsmith and in tourism until 2003.Contacts to other local and foreign artists led her to free art studies which she began on Rhodos and continued in Athens where she lived till 2006.During that time she participated in several group exhibitions on Rhodes.Since 2006 Student at the University of Western Macedonia, department of Applied and Visual Arts. More information available on the site

Andrea Bonetti


Born in Lugano, Switzerland, in 1968, after studies in Biology in Italy, Andrea Bonetti moved in 1995 to begin a research on the birds of the Gialova Lagoon of Pylos, SW Peloponnese. His studies brought him close to wildlife photography, which slowly became his main occupation. His pictures have been published in various magazines around the world. His third book, a guide to the Greek Nature, is in bookshops since july, published by ROAD Editions, and will be published soon in a smaller guide format. More information available on the site   

George Prinos


He was born in Athens in 1977. He studied photography at the Leica Academy and the Photography Cycle. He has worked for many magazines of the Greek Press and from 2002 until 2004 for the “Athens 2004” Organising Committee for the Olympic Games. His work has also been exhibited in collective exhibitions in Greece and abroad. He lives and works in Athens. He participated for the first time in the Cultural Itinerary “Routes of the Olive Tree” in the summer of 2002 and keeps collaborating regularly with the Foundation.

Tassos Vamvakas


Born in Kalamata, T. Vamvakas’ first contact with the art of photography while still in the university. He was a student in the school of Agronomics where he makes his first steps in photography, steps that will lead him, ultimately, to his full and professional involvement with it. Since 2003, he retains, in collaboration with G. Kossyvas, the studio of professional photography Studio F, while from time to time exhibits his work in individual or collective exhibitions. T. Vamvakas is the official photographer of the “Routes of the Olive Tree”, while at times teaches at the seminars of the Photography Club of Kalamata. More information available on the site



1 et 8 Andrea Bonetti
2 et 3 George Prinos
4 et 7 Heike Kummer
5 et 6 Tasos Vamvakas