Upon the invitation of the Directorate of Culture & Cultural Heritage of the European Council, the Cultural Foundation “The Routes of the Olive Tree” was represented at the annual Meeting of the Network of Cultural Itineraries on October 2, 2008.


The “Routes of the Olive Tree” are officially under the auspices of the European Council Since 2005 and they have been awarded the title “Great European Itinerary of the European Council” (two years after earning the distinction “International Cultural Itinerary” by UNESCO). This recognition paves the way for closer partnership between the European Council and the Cultural Foundation “The Routes of the Olive Tree” in multilevel projects about museums, education and editions. 

Delegates of cultural institutions and cultural itineraries assisted at the annual Reunion; many subjects were discussed, such as the priorities of the European Council and their realization through the Cultural Itineraries, while the coordinators gave directives and presented an extended report about the recent activities, challenges and projects for the future.

Mrs. Audrey Guittard, expert in communication and intercultural dialogue, representative of the Cultural Foundation, informed the participants about the 10th Cultural Foundation that took place in the summer, the opening of the The Routes of the Olive Tree Shop in Athens and the other Projects of the Cultural Foundation, like the creation of the “Little Friends of the Olive Tree Routes” Network and the “Olive Tree Library”.

The delegates of the European Council and the participants approved unanimously all the above activities and highlighted their effective contribution to the enhancement of intercultural dialogue and sustainable development, two fundamental priorities of the European Council.