20/8/2008 – The Routes of the Olive Tree in Moscow

The Routes of the Olive Tree has arrived in Moscow, which is one our main stopping point of our trip this year.

During our three days stop in the russian capital city (from 15th to 18th august 2008), we managed to meet all of the representives of the local organisms,that aim at organising cultural events in order to promote the greek culture as well as the symbol of the olive tree to the russian audience. The delegation constituted by members and partners of the Routes of the Olive Tree, specialists in the olive tree growing  culture,representants of the Messinian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, journalists, etc., leaded by M.Georgios Karambatos, cumulating the functions of President of the Messinian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Executive chief of the “Routes of the Olive Tree” cultural foundation, has realised many professional conferences together with the authorities of the region and city council in Moscow, the Agricultural Ministry and the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
The delegation had proceeded to a deep collaboration with the authorities of the Moscow area – especially with the Director of the Foreign and International Affairs Department, M. P. Kuprikov, and the director of Foreign Economic Affairs Coordination Department, M. V. Nikolaev – on that occasion, it has been officially declared that the Routes of the Olive Tree’s initiatives are under aegis of the region and city of Moscow : “The Routes of the Olive Tree, has gained the russian audience’s sympathy, as well as the culture of the olive tree in general,everything is ready for this audience to integrate those unique presents coming from the greek culture, that olive products. We are very impressed by the energy you put with yourself to come and meet us, the symbolism and the dynamism of your initiative has to attract the attention,and all we can do is to welcome you  and express our willingness to collaborate with you in the future.”
It has been decided that for the first stage of this collaboration, we will have to organise a olive tree party as well as a entreprenors forum in Moscow, working with the city council authorities, as well as the creation of a centre of degustation and the realisation of olive products and other traditional greek products of high quality. This decision has been followed by a serie of meeting – dedicated to the same topic – with the Agriculture Ministry, that supports the initiative as well and is ready to bring its contribution in order to guaranty its success.
A huge importance has also been given to the meeting between M.Georgio Karambatos and its team with the general director and clerks in the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry. On that occasion, the modalities of a more important collaboration have been officialy declared and negociated, in order to reinforce the commercial relationships between the members of the two chambers and better represent the greek entreprenors on the russian market.

The President of the Messinian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has also met more and bigger russian travel agences, to offer Messinia as a touristic destination, from which he has listed all the comparative advantages, guaranting that the Chamber will do its best to promote this project.

The Press Office