13-16 August 2008: Moscow

Finally we arrive to Moscow, one of the most important stops of the Journey!

We settle in a green suburb of the Russian capital; during our three-day stop several meetings had been programmed between local authorities and our delegation under Mr. G. Karampatos, Executive Director of the Cultural Foundation “The Olive Tree Routes” and President of the Messinian Chamber. At the same time, many of us saw this as an ideal opportunity to get some rest and know the city.

We arrived to Moscow at a different day than planned, so some of the events for our welcome had to be cancelled. However, many work meetings took place among the Messinian Chamber, the Cultural Foundation “The Routes of the Olive Tree”, the District & Municipality of Moscow, the Chamber of Moscow and the Russian Ministry of Agriculture. The Routes of the Olive Tree received a warm welcome from the above institutions and the suggested future events in Moscow were considered positively. Both sides expressed interest for promoting intercultural dialogue between Greece and Russia based on the friendly relations that have always united our countries.

Along with these work meetings, the participants in the Journey had the opportunity to see the Russian capital during a specialized guided tour around the city’s history.

The cinematic team Cinegram that had been following the Journey since the beginning profited from our stop to take interviews from many participants, with the Red Square in the background…

Before we set off to Moscow we were happy to see our delegation’s truck arrive after a short delay at the Russian borders due to bureaucracy reasons; the problem was overcome with the intervention of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Russian Ministry of Transportation.