24 July 2008: Turkmenbashi – Ashgabat

Untill the boat made its sea landing, we were still ignoring  everything about the night we were about to pass! The night in a hotel has quickly been transformed into a freestyle camping at the border, following the rythm of the endless administrative measures. We settled in the open-air, under the floodlights, a few meters away from the train’s tracks and Turkmenbashi harbour, the night has been really short!

Very early in the morning, we took the road towards Ashgabat,the capital city of the country, crossing the Karakoum desert, spectacular because of its hugeness and the dominating heat. As a break between two sessions in the desert : a traditional meal and a nap! During our trip in the country, we’ve been escorted by the local police and Angela, a great and very dynamic guide.