15 July 2008: Amfissa – Soufli

Waking up in the shadow of the hundreds years old Amfissa’s olive trees, the riders went through the Parnasse Mount, to join the roads of Thessalie.

They rode 703 km, from the West to the East, having for main stop Larissa, where the Samarina company has kindly offered us a mineral water package in order to help during the most difficult moments of the trip.
The Soufli Motorbikes Club then warmly welcomed us with a “symphony of hunks|”. We settled our camp site for the night in a school yard. The whole city was waiting for us, people with the folklore committee had prepared a party with  music and dances. Being the Silk Road’s first main stop of our trip, Soufli has enabled the participants to discover the traditional Silk making process.