The Routes of the Olive tree has been sharing it’s passion with hundreds of riders for already 9 years.They’ve been going together on the road to explore the Mediterranean countries and sceneries.

A beautiful friendship that has never stopped!

The motorcycling supporters and the olive tree lovers met for the first time in 1999, in Greece, to ride a 16 000 kms route, during 40 days, through Mediterranean countries and olive tree populations. They, together, have been aiming at supporting the sustainable development, in aid of the olive oil regions and have been passing a symbolic message of peace and solidarity on for the olive tree. Since then, trips have followed one another, always with the same enthusiasm and dynamism, giving birth to exchanges always greater and greater, stronger and stronger, with contributors coming from all around the Mediterranean areas.


The motorbike is an asset in this kind of trip, means of exploring the most isolated olive tree sceneries. The motorbike is also a good connection between local populations and travellers : it attracts curious people and make the passionate ones talk about it, children like it, and that’s where the dialogue begins. More than means of transport, the motorbike enables to have a direct and warm relationship with the people met during the trip. Then, we talk about motorbikes, olive tree… and many other things !
Year after year, the motorbike has become the Routes of the Olive tree’s essential element. A sporting and original trademark. The riders and olive tree’s messengers are adventurers who never weary of travelling through the Mediterranean routes to meet their neighbours.

This summer, they will go with the Foundation, towards new and further panoramas, all along the Silk Road and the transsiberian, having for only luggage, two wheels, an olive tree branch and the pleasure of travelling together!